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Magazines for Kids (and Adults!)

Note: recommended ages are publisher recommendations, and should be adjusted for some gifted children.  Listed adult magazines often appeal to gifted children beginning as young as 8 or 10 depending on their level of giftedness and interest in the subject...

Also peruse Journals and Magazines on Gifted for gifted content for parents and teachers!

 Carus, now part of Cricket
Series of magazines for children, on history and heritage and more
bullet Appleseeds Vocabulary, geography, math and science, ages 7 to 9  
bullet Calliope World History Magazine, ages 9-14  
bullet Cobblestone Recommended American History Comes Alive, ages 9-14  
bullet Faces World Cultures, ages 9-14
bullet*Footsteps Celebrates African-American heritage and achievement, past and present, ages 9-14 *Discontinued, but past issues still available
bullet Odyssey Discovery science, math, space, astronomy and more, ages 9-14  


Cricket Magazine Group Recommended
Series of monthly magazines for children, with stories, poems, activities, songs, and more
bullet Babybug ages 6 months to 2 years, small board book format
bulletNoodlebug video series for ages 3 to 5, available in VHS or DVD.  Combines live-action and animated footage and incorporates classical music...
bullet Ladybug ages 2 to 6  
bullet Spider ages 6 to 9  
bullet Cricket ages 9 to 14  
bulletCicada literary magazine for teens young adults
Also from Cricket Magazine Group
Bringing kids the breadth and wonder of the Smithsonian's collections and research. Sponsored by the Smithsonian
bullet Click investigates the sciences, nature and the environment, ages 3 to 7  
bullet Ask Recommended explores the world with inventors, artists, thinkers, and scientists of the past and present, ages 7 to 10
bullet Muse Recommended stimulates, delights, and challenges every curious child, with articles on space, genetics, lasers, rain forests, computers, physics, math, visual arts, earth sciences, and almost everything else in the universe, ages 10 and up
Kids Discover Recommended
Each full color issue covers a single topic with no advertising. Past topics include Christopher Columbus, Kings and Queens, Pyramids, and Native Americans
Puzzlemania (assorted puzzles), Mathmania (math puzzles), Top Secret Adventures (world geography and culture), Which Way USA (USA geography) Recommended, and Highlights High Five™ Subscription (preschool), all by Highlights, ages 4 to 12
Monthly puzzle magazines for preschool and elementary-age kids, plus books and toys...
Scientific American Recommended and Scientific American Mind Recommended
One of the best science magazines available to non-science professionals... adult (older gifted children) And their new magazine Scientific American Mind investigate, analyze and reveal aspects of the human mind!
Wired Recommended
Great reading for leaders in the field of digital information, adult (older gifted children)
Combines worldwide archaeological findings with photography, specially rendered maps, drawings, and charts. Articles cover current excavations, recent discoveries, and special studies of ancient cultures. adult (older gifted children, great after they outgrow Dig...)
BBC Knowledge Magazine (or from Amazon)
Science, History, Nature, For the curious mind...
The children's AudioMagazine about big ideas for kids ages 6-12
Concord Review published by The Concord Review, Inc.
A quarterly journal of history, the published works of secondary students.  Submissions accepted.  "The pursuit of academic excellence in secondary schools should be given the same attention as the pursuit of excellence in extracurricular activities, and we know there are students who share the same drive. Varsity athletics and athletes are celebrated everywhere. We celebrate varsity academics."
Creative Kids Magazine
Bursting with games, art, stories, poetry, and opinion by and for kids ages 8-14
Dig ages 8 to 13
Dig brings the excitement, mystery, wonder, and fun of archaeology, paleontology and earth sciences to children, in a style that both entertains and educates its young readers
Covers a broad range of science including ancient life, medicine, space, the environment, physics and the latest in technology, and profiles the men and women behind today's technical advancements. adult (older gifted children)
Halfway Down the Stairs
A literary magazine for families to share... free!  Read the back issues, too - lots of great content, and room for discussion, for home and classroom alike
Provides information, insights, and solid counseling to gifted students in grades 7-12. Published by Johns Hopkins
Invention and Technology
The history of invention and technology in America; the people, machines and ideas in our past that have brought us to our present, adult (older gifted children)
LaunchPad (first issue January/February 2008)
Where Young Authors and Illustrators Take Off! A collection of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, book reviews and artwork by and for kids 6-12...
MAKE: Technology on Your Time or purchase back issue collections from Amazon
MAKE brings the do-it-yourself mindset to all the technology in your life and celebrates your right to tweak, hack, and bend your technology to your will. MAKE ignites your ingenuity and connects you with your fellow "Makers." Also check out their books and back issues, including Make: The First Year
Mathematical Association of America (MAA)
MAA membership has provided a forum for educators, students, professionals, and math enthusiasts to share ideas, keep abreast of developments in the mathematical community, enhance their careers, and make new friends.  Membership benefits include one of sevearl math journals, geared for math-enthusiast high school students and above.  Look for Math Horizons and Math Magazine...
Mathematical Reflections
Online journal of the AwesomeMath website...
Mental Floss
Packed full of tidbits, quirky facts and history, this delightfully eclectic new magazine teaches you what you should have learned in school - but didn't.  If you like the magazine, check out Mental Floss Game and Books... (for an older audience)
National Geographic Kids ages 8 to 14
National Geographic adults and families
Learn more about geography, adventure, wildlife, science around the world
National Wildlife Federation Series of nature magazines for children through adults
bulletWild Animal Baby great animal board magazine for ages 0 to 4
bullet Your Big Backyard Sparks a child's natural curiosity as it introduces them to the wonderful world of nature; ages 3 to 6
bulletRanger Rick Loaded with colorful animal photos, funny drawings, and exciting stories that turn kids on to nature, outdoor adventure, and helping the environment; ages 7 and up
bullet National Wildlife Riveting text and captivating images educate readers about conservation issues, and explore the latest discoveries affecting the natural world; adult
bulletInternational Wildlife A colorful journey through the world of wildlife in its natural habitat around the globe; adult
New Moon: A Magazine for Girls and Their Dreams
New Moon focuses on empowerment of girls, and they even include girls on their editorial board
Owlkids Series of Canadian-published discovery magazines
bullet Chirp a fun place; ages 3-6
bullet ChickaDEE facts and fun; ages 6-9
bullet Owl cool stuff; ages 9-12
Science News ages adult (10 and up)
Weekly science news, just a few pages a week, no ads.  Also available in spoken word, e-newsletter, and online formats.  Also visit the Science News for Kids online journal...
Smithsonian Magazine
Chronicles the arts, environment, sciences and popular culture of the times. It is edited for modern, well-rounded individuals with diverse, general interests. adult (older gifted children, after they outgrow Muse)
Stone Soup
stories and illustrations are all well done by children!
Wacky... But True!
Chock full of amazing facts, wacky events and unbelievable, but true stories. Subscribe from Australia, New Zealand & International, online or print
Last updated January 23, 2015
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